What are Call Bets?

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French style roulette is becoming more popular, though there are still very few Online Casino that offer it. One of the main differences between this and the more popular American and European styles of roulette is the addition of call bets.

Inside or Outside?

There are two types of bets on online games. that a player can make in roulette: inside and outside bets. Inside bets are placed on just one number and are generally considered the riskiest. Outside bets can be placed on as much as half the betting mat. These are also referred to by some as even money bets because they afford the player slightly less than a 50% chance of winning and Bonuses.

Call Bets

There are a number of 'call bets' that a player can make in French style roulette. The first and most common is the zero neighbors bet, also known as the Voisins du Zero. This bet allows the player to place his or her wager on the zero pockets, the nine numbers to the left of the 0 and the seven numbers to the right. The second is known as the Tiers du Cylindre, or a third of the wheel. With this call bet, the player places his or her wager on the twelve tiles directly across from the 0 pocket

Classic Bets

There are a number of classic bets that a player can use in French style roulette, also known as even money bets. These include red/black, even/odds, and hi/low. A red/black bet means that the player wagers his or her money on all tiles of a particular color. An even/odds bet has the player wagering on either the even or odd numbers excluding the 0 tile, and a hi/low bet has the player wagering on either the low half of the board (tiles 1-18) or the high half (tiles 19-36).

French style roulette is slowing moving to take its place among the casino giants, but it still pays to know the rules and more importantly, to know the bets. The French are pretty good at making a splash in the world of online casinos. However, the casino creations don't always turn out too well. The http://casinoenlignesanstelechargement.fr website is different. It tries to combine new game titles and the finest classic games into one platform.